Takeout Food Waste Dilemma?

Some of you may be wondering – what is this site about? Are we just another site that ranks restaurants/deliveries?  How do we have a dilemma in takeout food?

Honestly, every time I throw something away I think about the repercussions of it – just some landfill with years and years of tons of waste. It’s sort of this blessing and curse I’ve been living with for a while; a blessing in the sense that I’m cognizant of this reckless behavior, but a curse since it’s hard to live in this world with this throw away lifestyle. 

This site and purpose was created by two friends: Phillip and Kevin. Both grew up in the rural country of Southeastern PA – somehow we both ended up in Charlotte, NC. We both have families now, and we both want our children to live full lives. But we’ve been running through the question: “is this as good as life gets?”. Meaning – are we at the point where it’s all downhill from here? Fossil fuels, endless trash, cars getting 15 mpg (even though we put a man on the moon in the 60’s).

Our mission is simple – how much more unnecessary crap can we throw out – and can we somehow start addressing this throw away lifestyle we live in. Every extra container contributes to pollution; the resources used to produce it and the place it ends up (most likely never decomposing).

We wanted to start with the food takeout sector. It’s bad – real bad; you’ll see articles where we rank takeout restaurants on how green or environmentally friendly they are. Some are chains and some are local – but we’re trying to do our part by making everyone aware of good or bad practices.

Enjoy pursuing through our blogs and remember “there’s no free lunch in life”.

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