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How Environmentally Friendly is your Takeout

Pictured above – takeout food and all of the containers it usually comes in

We want to do our part to help our planet – trash is a big problem, especially in the US. But we’ve conditioned that once we throw stuff out it just “goes away”. That’s not true and we’re at the point in our civilization where we need to ask: how much more can the earth take? Sometimes I can’t even fathom how much waste one city produces in a single day – multiple that by hundreds of cities in the world and it is downright scary.

We started this site in an effort to combat the endless waste one step at a time; this site is dedicated to takeout food and how green it is. I know – how much can this really help? Well we’re at the point where we need to do as much as we can to help the environment – if that means ditching your favorite restaurant since it’s wasteful then that’s on you; but we will at least provide the knowledge so your aware. We put our criteria below on how this sites blog article rank takeout food.

Food Packaging

  • Containers used for the food and are they recyclable
  • Utensils and their packaging
  • Condiments and their packaging

Bag/Storage Material

  • What kind of bag is used to deliver the food?
    • Is the bag really needed?
    • Is the size the of bag justified?
    • Can the bag be recycled?


We reserve this section for intangibles; things like:

  • Potentially unnecessary items packed in that you won’t use
  • Napkins and their storage
  • Sometimes we will even sneak in comments here if the food was behind schedule or just flat out tasted bad

Final Rating

We will give a final rating based on a scale of 1 to 5 green thumbs:

the worst; too much material, not recyclable, and unnecessary containers that you don’t know what to do with except throw out.

getting better, but there are still major environment issues with the waste – most of the material is probably not recyclable.

we consider three green thumbs pretty good; most of the material is recyclable with plastic number #1 or #2 (accepted most recycle facilities). There may be a little unnecessary packaging and/or bag.

we’re pretty green at this point and there’s not too much in between a 4 and 5 green thumb. Pretty much all #1 recyclable containers/utensils. Maybe an intangible wasn’t met such as the food being a little off or behind schedule.

the greenest has arrived; all #1 recyclable containers/utensils; at this point they didn’t use any unnecessary bags (maybe they even left it out for small orders) and the food was great and even ready early.

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